Which best trolling motor battery to choose?

Which best trolling motor battery to choose?

Which best trolling motor battery to choose?

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Do you really use an electric motor in the sea? Of course yes! I have no doubt that it is an option almost mandatory in many situations and more than recommended. Let’s talk a little about the use of these engines since their use at sea begins to be something more than anecdotal by fishermen. as in fresh water, it is essential to travel by boat without the noise that frightens the cautious predators. Today we will learn about the best trolling motor battery!


Electric motors for fishing in the sea

Nowadays, few sea species escape from spinning fishing and an electric motor, as we will see, will be of inestimable help. We have seabass that we fish in the most varied environments and for all this; we need the best trolling motor battery!


How to choose the best trolling motor battery?

It is important to choose the ideal model in electric motors or trolleys that allow us to work properly when riding them in our boat and not regret when it is too late, so we will explain in detail how to choose it. The pounds of push that manufacturers handle allows us to a simple arithmetic operation to determine which electric motor is the ideal one, we take into account the weight of the boat if it weighs 800 kg, plus two people with fishing equipment add 200 more kilos, we obtain 1000 kg, we divide the final weight between the factor 20, the result is 50, in this case the electric motor that we will need to acquire for this boat will be 50 pounds of thrust and more recommendable turns out to be a bit above say 55 pounds to have better performance. As for the facilities, they must have a capacity of 12 volts, for boats larger than 19 feet, 24 volts are recommended.



These are handled directly by hand, their installation can be in the bow or stern depending on the characteristics of the boat, it’s the speed with which we can maneuver to change direction having them in motion and turn out to be the most economical.



It is composed of a pedal that is placed on the floor of the boat, are easy and reliable handling, allows you to have your hands free to go casting as it is directed with the foot changing its direction pedaling from top to bottom its mechanism is composed of cables and pulleys that give direction to the moment of maneuvering, are the most popular in boats.



Total smoothness when handling and giving direction, adjustable multipoint speed control, allows us to work optimally with the least effort at the optimum speed. Finally for a better performance of our electric motors is to use marine batteries or deep cycle, which are superior to those of acid, because they allow many more cycles of loading and unloading, even complete, turn out to be more expensive than conventional but worth the penalty, in the same way, to observe if your boat is of 12 or 24 volts for a suitable installation and an optimal operation.

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